The Island of Dance

Join "Tour Guides"  Suzy and Hondo on your journey! 

Our first releases are up and running... "The 90 Days to Dance - Sunrise to Sunset Tour!" and "The Line Dance Deep Dive - The Red Tour" ... Soon you will have more paths to follow - the searchable "Library" will be added next.  The ability to choose new routes is just around the corner... adventures await!

90 Days to Dance - Sunrise to Sunset Tour

Join us for our first Tour!  90 Days to feeling more comfortable on the Dance Floor... with easy step by step videos and documents - and "around the clock" help offered!

Fast Track - Access for 90 Days Leisurely Stroll - Access for 1 Year

Line Dance Deep Dive 1 - The Red Tour

With so many amazing dances to be enjoyed, we are making our own Deep Dive into some of our favorite line dances... and enjoy the ClubHONDO! Line Dance Party included here! We're almost 100% done... dive in any time and keep checking back for more!

Join Us Here

Cornerstone - Start Here

This path directs you to a destination - follow the step-by-step to becoming a dancer in a well laid out plan.  Take your choice, move quickly on the "Fast Track", or take a "Leisurely Stroll" through the material. Follow the "map" and enjoy the process.

Library - Designed for Teachers

This is a meandering path...the Library is a searchable database for all dances and material including lesson plans and curriculum ideas for those who make the leap to becoming a TEACHER.  

Deep Dives - For Your Dance Major

This path leads deep into the jungle. "Deep-Dives" are a collection of intensives for hobbyists who want to take their dancing (and/or teaching) to the next level.  Choose your "major" and deeply dive into that style.

Take the Journey with us!

We have a plethora of material that will be added for as long as the foreseeable future allows - we would love to share our passion and knowledge with you ... Here's the start to our information highway!


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