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The Social Dancer - Sunrise to Sunset Tour

Join us for our first Tour!  90 Days to feeling more comfortable on the Social Dance Floor... with easy step by step videos and documents - and "around the clock" help offered!

Fast Track - Access for 90 Days Leisurely Stroll - Access for 1 Year

Line Dance Deep Dive 1 - The Red Tour

With so many amazing dances to be enjoyed, we are making our own Deep Dive into some of our favorite line dances... and enjoy the ClubHONDO! Line Dance Party included here! We're almost 100% done... dive in any time and keep checking back for more!

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Swing Dance Club

Landing soon

We have a multitude of styles; we typically categorize our swing dances by tempo; slow, medium, fast and wicked!

Carolina Shag and West Coast Swing are beautiful slower swing forms, while East Coast, Triple Lindy and Heel Shag would be medium tempo styles.

While Jitterbug, Jive and Boogie Steps would be for faster tempos, the Balboa and Double Shag can be wicked fast!

And finally the grand daddy of them all - the Lindy Hop can be danced across all the tempos! The faster songs allow for Long Legged Charleston and possibly air steps to be added in.


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Ballroom Dance Club 

Landing soon

Ballroom dancing can be as simple as two people dancing in a room together, or as elegant as you would see on any of the famous TV dance shows.

For our classification we will consider the dances from a typical ballroom studio curriculum; typically Rumba, Fox Trot, Waltz, Tango, Cha-Cha-Cha and East Coast Swing.

Ballroom dancing can be strictly social and yet it can be as polished and precise as a competitive dancer might want. And regardless whether you step on stage or not, the confidence you achieve will make your dancing life elegant and extraordinary.

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Learning Library (Setting Sail Soon)

Take the Journey with us! Welcome to our online learning library. We have a plethora of material that will be added for as long as the foreseeable future allows - we love to share our passion and knowledge with you ... Here's the start to our information highway! In addition to sorting content, this library will provide a means for organizing, searching and retrieving the content contained within this collection.

Pedagogy Pathway

Landing Soon

With a meandering path...our pedagogy pathway is a database made specifically for teachers (or those who would like to teach). The Learning Library is a home  for all our dances - this route adds much more material including lesson plans and curriculum ideas for those who make the leap to becoming a TEACHER.  

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