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Island of Dance Volume 1 Video Series is SAILING to a port near you!! This course follows the path of the printed textbook. This program is designed for EVERYONE...from beginning dancers to those wanting to become teachers.

The Social Dancer

Join us for our first Tour!  90 Days to feeling more comfortable on the Social Dance Floor... with easy step by step videos and documents - and "around the clock" help offered!

Access for One Year Monthly Subscription

Line Dance Deep Dive

With so many amazing dances to be enjoyed, we are making our own Deep Dive into some of our favorite line dances... and enjoy the ClubHONDO! Line Dance Party included here! We're almost 100% done... dive in any time and keep checking back for more!

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Island of Dance Volume 1 Textbook

Recently Docked!!

We are so excited to announce that our textbook is printed and ready to go!  We have spent many years making a concise way to learn how to dance.  We have 144 activities in this text with written directions, photos, diagrams, links to resources and a few fun facts!  We specially designed this book for EVERYONE...beginning dancers to those wanting to become teachers.  It will be a great learning source that will be intrinsically linked to our online programs!    


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We have subscriptions that will fit everyones needs. Give us a try! For those who need online access only, we have the Starfish. There are also three levels for those who can walk in our front door: the Sea Otter includes CampSUZY! group classes, The Sea Lion includes ClubHONDO! Dance Parties, and the Spinner Dolphin includes private lessons. With whatever subscription you choose, join our online Dance Community and visit with like-minded folks from around the country!


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